The Strategic Agenda of Asian Democracies International Conference

November 12, 2024,
Vert Hotel, Jerusalem

We will talk about the The Strategic Agenda of Asian Democracies

and Agenda

Prof. Efraim Inbar, President of JISS

Dr. I-Chung Lai, TFD

Dr. Edward Luttwak – A Net Assessment of China’s Power.

Dr. Col. (ret.) Eran Lerman, JISS – The Ideological Competition.

Dr. Alon Levkovitz, Bar-Ilan University– The North Korean Threat.

Russell Hsiao, Global Taiwan Institute – The Chinese Perspective

Prof. Eytan Gilboa, JISS, US Responses to Chinese Challenges in Asia.

Dr. Chen Wei Lin, Former National Security Advisor of Taiwan – Taiwan’s Regional Strategy.

Dr. Aries Arugay, University of the Philippines-Diliman – The Philippines’ New Security Strategy in the Midst of Strategic Uncertainty.

Liza Tobin, Special Competitive Studies Project – U.S. Approach to Techno-Economic Competition with China

Air Marshall Anil Chopra, CAPS – Strategy for Defence – Indian: A Pivot for the Indo-Pacific

Dr. Uzi Rubin, JISS – Israel’s Missile Defense

Gen. (ret.) Seung Jo Jung, President, Korea-US Alliance Foundation and Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff – Korea’s Defense Posture

Pro. Yoko Iwama, GRIPS – Japan’s Preparations

Dr. I-Chung Lai, TFD – Chinese Gray and Cognitive Warfare

Prof. Eyal Ben-Ari, JISS – Japan: The Social Dimensions of Accelerated Militarization.

Prof. Gabi Siboni, JISS – Chinese Influence Campaigns.

Dr. Oshrit Birvadker, JISS – Perceived Chinese Threat by the Indian Public.

Dr. ­­Paul Monk, Australian Perceptions of the Chinese Encroachment.

Ariel Kahana, Israel Hayom (Moderator); Dr. Edward Lutwak; Dr. Paul Monk; Dr. Chen Wei Lin; Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror, JISS.



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Prof. Efraim Inbar
President of JISS

Efraim Inbar is president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies. He was a Professor of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University and the founding Director of the Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies. Inbar’s area of specialization is Middle Eastern strategic issues with a special interest in the politics and strategy of Israeli national security. Prof. Inbar is the initiator of the international conference.

Gen. (ret.) Seung Jo Jung

JUNG, Seung-Jo
GEN(R), ROK Army

General (Retired) Jung, Seung Jo is currently the Honorary President of the Korea-United States Alliance Foundation and Chair-Professor at the Korea Military Academy. He honorably retired from the ROK military in October 2013, after serving as the 37th Chairman of the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military position within the ROK military.
He will speak about Korea’s Defense Posture.

Paul Monk

Dr Paul Monk

Dr Paul Monk is the one-time head of the China desk in Australia's Defence Intelligence Organization, a long-time consultant in applied cognitive science, the author of a dozen books on diverse subjects and a prominent public intellectual who contributes to the print and electronic media in Australia. His 2005 book Thunder from the Silent Zone: Rethinking China was released in an updated edition this year, because its analysis and forecasts have been strongly vindicated by China's behavior under Xi Jinping.
He will speak about Australian Perceptions of the Chinese Encroachment.

Edward N.Luttwak

Dr. Edward Luttwak

Edward Luttwak is an American author known for his works on grand strategy, military strategy, geoeconomics, military history, and international relations. His book Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace, also published in Chinese, Russian, and ten other languages, is widely used at war colleges around the world. His books are currently published in 29 languages besides English.
He will speak about A Net Assessment of China's Power.

I-Chung Lai

Dr. I-Chung Lai

I-Chung Lai is Vice-president of the Taiwan Foundation of Democracy and President of Prospect Foundation. He holds a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech and Polytechnic Institute. He specializes in international affairs. He will speak about Chinese Gray Cognitive Warfare.

Chen Wei Lin

Dr. Chen Wei Lin

Chen-Wei Lin (born October 4, 1966) has a rich background in national security, defense policies and Japan affairs in Taiwan. He served twice altogether for five years as Senior Advisor in the National Security Council, Taiwan, under two administrations. He was also the special assistant to Taiwan’s representative in Japan. He has taught as a professor at Hokkaido University Public Policy School and Tokoha University. Dr. Lin received his PhD from The University of Tokyo.
He will speak about Taiwan's Regional Strategy.

Pfof. Yoko Iwama

Yoko Iwama is a professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and the director of the Security and Strategy Program at GRIPS. She specializes in international security and European diplomatic history.
She will speak on Japan's Preparations.

Dr. Aries Arugay

Prof. Aries A. Arugay

Aries A. Arugay is Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Political Science, University of the Philippines Diliman. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Asian Politics & Policy, an academic journal published by Wiley-Blackwell and the Policy Studies Organization. He is a Senior Fellow of the Philippine Public Safety College where has been teaching since 2016 as well as a fellow of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies-Yusof-Ishak Institute (Singapore), Research Center on Asian Studies, Hainan University (China), and the Social Weather Stations. Professor Arugay is also a Trustee of the Manila-based think-tank, the Foundation of the National Interest, Inc.
He will speak about The Philippines' New Security Strategy in the Midst of Strategic Uncertainty.


Yaakov Amidror

Yaakov Amidror is the Anne and Greg Rosshandler Senior Fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security. Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Amidror was National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu and chairman of the National Security Council (April 2011-November 2013). He served for 36 years in senior IDF posts, including commander of the Military Colleges, military secretary to the Minister of Defense, and director of the Intelligence Analysis Division in Military Intelligence. He will be a participant at the Round Table on the Future of the Indo-Pacific.

Air Marshall Anil Chopra

Air Marshal Anil Chopra,

A fighter pilot, test pilot, and pioneer of the Mirage-2000 fleet. He commanded a Mirage 2000 Squadron and Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE). He was the Team Leader of the MiG 21 Bison Upgrade project in Russia. He has commanded two operational flying airbases. He was head of the Indian Air Force (IAF) in Jammu and Kashmir and head of operational Inspections of the IAF. Retired as Air Officer Personnel. He has been a member of the Armed Forces Tribunal and a member of the Executive Council of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). An Avid writer, who has more than 750 published articles. He has authored three books and edited five. Air Marshal runs "Air Power Asia", a website that puts Asia's aviation and military power into correct perspective. He is currently Director-General Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS).
He will speak about Indian: A Pivot for the Indo-Pacific